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All of my murals are painted using traditional brushes and airbrushes.

I don't use stickers or digital printing processes.

A Big White Frog mural is a bespoke piece of original art, designed to blend perfectly into your home or workplace. For your peace of mind, my artwork can be protected with an invisible sealer to give it a wipeable surface. Perfect for high traffic areas.

Blackpool Football Club mural Disney Cars Mural
Swimming pool mural
sonic the hedgehog mural
Route 66 mural
Airbrushed stairway mural
Pub wall art backdrop mural
Star Wars mural American Diner mural
Harley Davidson mural Summer House Mural
Formula 1 mural Lion King mural
Team 17 reception logo Gameshow backdrop
UFO Bathroom mural Seaside Peep Through Board
Buzz Lightyear mural Grafitti wall mural
Football mural - Cowboy Builders Alice In Wonderland Mural - Cowboy Builders
Harry Hill Caricature mural Visitor Centre mural
Disney Princess mural
Gameshow backdrop mural
Floor spikes trompe  l'oeil
Elephant play centre mural
Toilet mural
muralled logo
Toy murals
underwater mural
Bat Out Of Hell muralled backdrop Camouflage wall decor
Jungle Book mural
Winnie The Pooh mural polar bear mural
penguin mural wildlife mural
trompe l'oeil shelf trompe l'oeil toilet
caveman backdrop A collection of branding murals
fast food mural
Marvel mural fun shop mural
graffiti toilets portrait mural
Scooby Doo mural
sky ceilings
trompe l'oeil farm cat

lively wall decor

Play centre jungle mural
Gameshow backdrop mural
Floor mural
Disney Princesses mural
Floral mural
Party Room murals
sky mural
Branding mural
Faux stone and break away plaster
Party room murals
bright wall decor in a  children's salon area
Thomas The Tank Engine mural
Vintage airport mural
Dolphin mural
trompe loeil faux panelling
peep through board
Gameshow props
olympic backdrop mural
Trompe O'leil window mural
football mural  

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